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Men of Words

Welcome to the Men of Words Podcast! This is a platform for conversation with successful people about Mental Health. Our aim is to speak to males at the top of their fields across sport, business, music and anything in between to hear stories of adversity, failure, success and the Mental Health journey throughout. Opening up about these issues is historically not our strong-suit as males and that is the area we are hoping to have some affect. Liam (Murph) and Michael (Muff) are long time friends with intersecting journeys through the highs and lows of Mental Health, having had personal and professional relationships for years and many conversations like the ones we are choosing to have with these elite performers.Our goal is a simple one. If we can motivate someone to have a conversation about their mental health, be it with friends, family or a professional, then we have achieved our goal. Thanks so much for listening, for any questions or queries please contact us through Instagram @menofwordspodcast or email us at If you need support, it's there. Talk to a friend, family, your GP or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.